Enabling the exchange of scientific expertise worldwide

TeleScience was launched in 2018 as an exclusive partnership with MilliporeSigma. As a company dedicated to solving the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community, MilliporeSigma aims to accelerate access to better health for people everywhere.

Initially envisioned as an opportunity for MilliporeSigma employees to share tips and tricks with the global scientific community, the TeleScience platform has grown to be an expansive online video library, full of how-tos, lab tricks, and tips intended for researchers and scientists-in-training.

Collectively, the global scientific community has an enormous amount of knowledge to share, and TeleScience offers access to any scientist, anywhere. 

When researchers share their lab know-how with a global audience, they open a world of potential to scientists everywhere. TeleScience exists to ensure that talented researchers have equal access to this expertise. Because scientific talent is everywhere, but resources are not.

What Our Partners Say About TeleScience

"Working with Seeding Labs allows us to do more in terms of communication and sharing our expertise and knowledge with scientists around the world. Creating content for TeleScience is a perfect example of how we can make information available to scientists everywhere."

Danielle Decesaro, Research Scientist at MilliporeSigma and TeleScience Content Contributor

"Science is built over years and has many different contributors. By providing access and opportunity for a wider audience, we increase our chances of creating the next innovation."

Jun Park, R&D Manager at MilliporeSigma and TeleScience Contributor

Why TeleScience?

The best way to learn scientific techniques is in-person, in the lab, from the experts. But for a number of reasons, that training can be inaccessible to scientists.

These barriers are even more challenging for scientists in under-resourced settings. Excluding swaths of talented researchers from the worldwide sharing of scientific expertise ultimately slows down the progress of research. When knowledge remains siloed in clusters of researchers with more resources, it perpetuates inequities across the global scientific community.

TeleScience enables the exchange of scientific skills and expertise globally and instantaneously, allowing researchers to connect and share their know-how virtually.TeleScience videos—created by scientists, engineers, and researchers—feature useful information that is not typically found in protocols or textbooks.

Making this tacit knowledge widely available increases access for all scientists, no matter where they are in the world. Through TeleScience, a researcher in Iringa, Tanzania, could film and share a tip that a bench scientist in Cambridge, Mass., will benefit from—and vice versa!

The TeleScience video library includes equipment tips, research tricks, and lab hacks that are useful for both practicing researchers and scientists-in-training. Videos cover lab basics, how-tos, professional development, and more...

TeleScience content is created by our partners who care deeply about scientific expertise being easily accessible and available globally. You can join us in reducing barriers to scientific exchange; learn more about sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.

Global Impact

To date, TeleScience videos have more than 7.3 million impressions, reducing barriers to the exchange of scientific expertise and strengthening connections between researchers worldwide.

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of TeleScience videos have been watched

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