Intro to Sterile Sampling

When you set up a chemical or biological process, you should sample your process so that you can check that what you have planned in your process matches what you are actually producing. The sample needs to be completely representative, and any sample that is compromised will not yield useful results. This video demonstrates the harm in traditional sampling and explains the usefulness of a closed, sterile system in order to avoid contamination of your samples.

Intro to Multi-Channel Pipetting

This video outlines the basics of multi-channel pipetting, including when to use it, the components of the pipette, and how to effectively dispense solutions using the pipette.

Operating an HPLC

HPLC, or High Performance Liquid Chromatography, is an analytical tool used in laboratories to detect individual solutes within a complex mixture. This video provides an introduction on how to operate an HPLC, including preparation and filtration of mobile phases.

Reducing Cell Culture & Bioreactor Contamination

There are many sources of contamination in biopharmaceutical processing. This video highlights sources of contamination and offers tips for controlling personnel and environmental contamination.

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