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Reducing Cell Culture Contamination: Aseptic Technique

Aseptic techniques are methods designed to prevent contamination from microorganisms. In cell culture, it is vital to keep cells free of contamination by microorganisms. In this video, you’ll learn tips to ensure good aseptic technique.

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Intro to Sterile Sampling

When you set up a chemical or biological process, you should sample your process so that you can check that what you have planned in your process matches what you are actually producing. The sample needs to be completely representative; any sample that is compromised will not yield useful results.

This video demonstrates the harm in traditional sampling and explains the usefulness of a closed, sterile system in order to avoid contamination of your samples.

Intro to Single-Use Systems

Learn about single-use systems, including the benefits and risks to take into consideration when deciding to use single-use versus traditional bioreactor or mixing systems.

A single-use system is an engineered processing solution, most commonly assembled from components made using polymeric, disposable materials, which together create a system or unit operation designed for one-time use.